Sunday, January 14, 2007

United States Activities Inside Iran?

This morning, national security advisor Stephen Hadley spoke about US engagement of Iranians aiding insurgents in Iraq.

When asked whether U.S. forces would cross into Iran to pursue those aiding Iraqi insurgents, he said: He said the priority "is what's going on inside Iraq. ... That's where we're going to deal with his problem." and, "Anytime you have questions about crossing international borders there are legal issues. ... We intend to deal with it by interdicting and disrupting activities in Iraq sponsored by Iran."

This response raises several questions as to whether the U.S. IS currently operating inside Iran. This administration has had a pattern of operating outside of established legal precedent (NSA wiretapping case, abuse of prisoners, suspension of habeas corpus, extraordinary rendition, etc, etc.), then dealing with the consequences (or lack of), later. In my mind, these aren't questions, but rather indications, but there is the cynicism and pragmatism.

Don't get me wrong, if people are assisting insurgents in killing our troops, they should be taken care of. Yet military incursions into a sovereign country against citizens of that country is an act of war, and war must be declared by Congress. Hence the "legal issues" mentioned by Mr. Hadley. Regardless, it has been apparent for some time that the administration's mind and direction are already set.

Just last Thursday, U.S. forces captured and detained 5 Iranian officials of relatively high rank. It has become obvious, that Iran is supporting at least the Shia side of the insurgency, and is establishing a political and military toehold in the power vacuum of Iraq.

War with Iran has already started. With politics, and on a small scale (on our side), soldiers. The battleground just happens to be Iraq.

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